Lakeridge Farm's
Standard Poodles
Hampton and two of his puppies
 Lakeridge-Cannon-Valcopy Scandalous
BOB winner over Specials

Valcopy Lakeridge Meton
BOB Winner
Co-owned by Debra Ferguson-Jones, Dana Plonkey and Lillian Anderson
Cannon-Lakeridge-Valcopy Vendetta
 BOB winner over Specials - co-bred, co-owned and owner handled by Tish Cannon, Debra Ferguson-Jones and Dana Plonkey
Ch Lakeridge-Cannon Captain Valcopy
Class Placement at PCA
Ch Lakeridge Calamity Jane of Maplewood
Back to back majors - Owned and co-bred by Debra Ferguson-Jones and Cathy Petrie

Ch Lakeridge Belle Starr of Maplewood
Owned by Kristen Lewis  and Kris Gomez of Krislyn and Posh Poodles

Ch Lakeridge Wild Bill Hickock Of Maplewood
Class Winner at PCA
Valcopy Lakeridge High Faluten Hanna
Co-breeders Debra Ferguson-Jones and Dana Plonkey